Rasmusens Egg Farm
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Other Products for your Farm or Lifestyle property:


We have a wide range of other products that will not only help you raise your chickens or quails but also be beneficial for lots of other things on your farm or lifestyle block:

Hay bales are available from our shop on site for $12.00 incl. GST.                                  



Manure is available on site from the shop in various sizes: 

Bag $4.00 or a trailer load for $12.00 (load your own) incl. GST                                            .


Chicken Feed is available from our on-site shop as well at $15.00 for 10kg bag and is perfect for your chickens on your farm or lifestyle block.


Oyster Shell Grit is also available from our on-site shop for $4.00 for a 2kg bag and is ideal to ensure the egg shell production and muscle development for your chickens.