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Roasting/Stewing Hens (Table Hens) - Free Range.


Our Stewing Hens are from our Free Range flock and still make good eating as long as you cook them long and low. These are laying hens that are no longer productive egg producers and have so much more flavour than a traditional young chicken that you would normally purchase.



Fill up a stock pot with enough water to cover your frozen bird and turn up the heat so that the water boils. There will be a layer of scum on the water at this point so remove that and then turn down the heat so the water ins simmering and cover with a lid and cook for as long as you can (minimum 4 hours and up to 10 if you have the time).

When cooked perfectly the meat will fall off the bones and will be hugely flavoursome yielding delicious meat for lots of options including; stock, soup, pulled sandwiches and so much more.



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